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Interior Design Basic Concept

Recently, interior design concept has become bigger and professional. It has become a way of life. It is a beautiful way of transforming a simple place into a wonderful art form by the interior designers showing their expertise and creativity. Interior designers know the value of symmetrical and asymmetrical balance and have the fine sense of latest style. They analyze the needs and desire of the home or office owner and with proper planning, they visualize the best design ideas and create a dynamic place for them to live.

Interior design concept has a wide range of formulas and formats. It is the main theme where all the design elements are focused upon. Firstly it exists as an idea in the mind of the interior designer and then it is brought into reality through proper planning. To create a fantastic design, there are some important interior design concepts which are mandatory for the interior designers to follow.

Two of the main concepts of interior design are the elements of proportion and balance. Interior design affects the way we feel, think, play, live, and most importantly the way we feel. We apply unique concepts for interior designer to give that elegant look to your space that you have been looking for.

Interior Design Basic Concept

Principles of Interior Design

The five principles of interior design when accomplished with the design elements creates the aesthetic pleasing look as per our client demands. However, in our interior designer projects you will find every minute details of designing process, as we like to deliver the perfect home. Thus by highlighting each principle for the overall design we follow:



Among all the principles, the first one is balance. We all know the importance of balance as it is the visual weight of your space that is to be designed. In interior designer, balance means evenly distributing elements through introduction of different colors, textures, forms or creating literal space symmetry.

There are basically three types of balance, and they constitute of radial, symmetrical and asymmetrical. Thus by deciding upon the type of balance which lays huge impact on the particular space. For instance- We apply vibrant colors on the walls or hang round crystal chandeliers on the ceiling to ensure that they balance out perfectly.


Unity is the focal point of any home design. Thus, we make sure that every single piece of furniture, every pattern and even any decorative accessories must complement each other. The uniformity and unity of all the design elements when combined together makes a Luxury Interior Designer. Additionally, we ensure that there is a smooth flow in the use of patterns, textures, colors etc, to create a positive space for you.

Interior Designers And Decorators


In interior design, the concept of emphasis states that the placement of furniture or a decorative piece plays a significant role in grabbing attention. Thereby, each and every design elements including form, texture, color and pattern helps to emphasize specific focus points.

Hence, as interior designers we showcase your prized possessions according to the demand and ensures to draw the attention of anyone who enters the room. We also apply contrasting patterns and designs or even sometimes create the surrounding design plan with the main object or fancy objects as the focal point.


In order to make the space interesting, contrast is used while designing. The contrast in interior designer is basically the difference of the colors or luminance of pieces or objects differentiating them from each other. This is achieved when the three elements, space, color and forms are applied.

There is nothing more important as the first impression made by a room. Thus, we use contrast correctly and in a well designed manner to add huge doses of visual interests for you. The designers implement contrast by choosing unique piece of artwork, or lighting, or even decorations. We also use premium fabrics to create a contrast to make the dull room more vibrant.

Interior designing ideas


Last but not the least, details is one of the principles which demands utmost attention. Each and every design ideas including the floor and space plan needs to be combined with proper detailing, otherwise the whole space will looks disrupted and haphazard.

We are extra careful while designing or decorating as the smallest details can make a distinctive difference between a cozy, bright home and a dull home.Furthermore, details entail the pattern we use for curtains, bedding, switchboards, doorknobs, and all the little things which helps in tying the place together in an elegant little bow.

Interior Designer Elements

If you are planning to buy a new house or want to go for renovation, you are at the right place! Our interior designer project presentation with unique concept for design will certainly blow your mind. And the 5 key elements of interior designer for mastering décor are:


Color has the power to change the entire mood and feeling of a person or place. It affects the aesthetics of a place. Every color has different affect on human mind. The effect and perception of colors differ from person to person. Some people like to be surrounded by vibrant, bright color scheme, others may find it irritating. For example, red has a positive effect on human brain. It’s a color that resembles passion for life, career and loved ones. But too much red color can also make them violent or lose their temper.


The first thing which we keep in mind while designing is space. Space planning is the foundation of all the interior designing ideas. It basically refers to how much open place needs to be implemented, where you want to fix the furniture and the type of balance you want in your floor plan. Space is the heart of virtually design planning. There are two main types of space to consider: 2-D space (the length and breadth of a room), and 3-D space (considers height of the room including the length and breadth of room)


A pattern is the repetition of lines, forms and other design elements. Patterns are usually displayed on wallpapers or fabrics, but can emerge anywhere in the home in the use of light or other interior designer elements. Patterns if used properly can add motion and life to a space, but too many application can make it chaotic. In order to add some depth in your design ideas we include the straight lines, radial patterns or geometric shapes. We also add patterns to the bedding, lighting, curtains, etc to liven up the entire space.


Texture and pattern are two different things. Texture is the way of feeling an object while touching or the sense while observing any object. For example, you might say while looking at the surface vintage or weathered without actually touching it. For that thanks to the creative use of texture while designing. We carefully consider the texture especially for the important parts of your home where you contact frequently like floors. Thus our designers help you choose the floors with the comfortable and perfect texture to start your everyday on the right foot.


Have you ever got irritated at a photograph which was taken in a bad light? Then you definitely know the importance and power of the lighting. As bright and quality lighting is integral for any space, whether its source are man- made, natural or combination of both. Thus we help you in selecting the lighting for your room by thinking about the factors like the color of light which can be (warm yellow or cool blue), the light intensity which can be(soft for reading or bright for cooking). Further, light has the power to set the mood of any room, as different types of light reflects different shades and shadows.