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 Color Theory in Home

How to Use Color Theory in Home Interior Design?

  • By : Admin
  • Category : Interior Designing
  • On : Sep 14, 2021
The appeal of walking in a room decorated with a fusion of cool colors is second to none as it sends the viewer in an awe of satisfaction and ease. Colors play the most important role in any home décor project as they set the tone for every theme and mesmerize the audience with their brilliant mix of hot and cool colors. The psychology of colors in interior designing revolves around few basic principles also known as the color theory which incorporates all the elements needed to give life...
bedroom lights

Interior Design For Bedroom Lights

  • By : Admin
  • Category : Interior Designing
  • On : Nov 16, 2021
Lighting is an art. Decorators balance a wide range of needs to achieve a practical and beautiful lighting arrangement for the bedroom lights, with each factor scoring more points. Consider placement: a decision influenced by lifestyle choices, such as whether the resident likes physical books or prefers videos on a bright screen, but the photo tour below shows its aesthetic impact as well.Intensity and color temperature are two other things that seem convenient at first glance, but can be the...